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Whether you are diving at a remote location, or, needing compressed for your paintball guns, the Poseidon P-100 is the perfect portable compressor for
SCUBA and Paintball enthusiasts who need to take their air source with them.

Our Spring Special makes it affordable as well.

SPECIAL ONLY $3,695.00
  1. P-100 is a three stage compressor, 5.5hp honda gas motor and purification system mounted in a heavy duty frame. Compressor and all service areas controls are easily accessible.

  2. P-100 Compressor produces an output of 3.6 cfm or 4.3 scfm at a working pressure of 4500psi. This three stage air cooled unit is designed specifically for recreational breathing air. There are safty valves after each stage. The crankshaft and connecting rods are carried on roller and ball bearings. This unit is splash lubricated with oil extractor pin.

  3. The purification system is designed to process 3,200 cubic feet of grade E Breathing Air at a working pressure of 4500psi with a safty factor of 4:1. The final filter cartridge is easily changed without the use of tools.

  4. P-100 equipped with:
    A. 5.5hp Honda motor on adjustable base
    B. Fill hose with scuba yoke, bleeder, din adaptor and gauge
    C. Replaceable dry intake filter
    D. Interstage and aftercooler
    E. Intake pipe extention
    F. Vibration isolator
    G. Dimensions L 30" x D 13" x H 16"
    H. Weight 105 pds

  5. Available for immediately deliver at only $3,695.00 FOB Colchester, Vermont

Call Us At: 802-862-0051

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